Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keep the Celebration Going!

It's Child Abuse Prevention Month, and throughout the month we're doing everything we can to raise awareness for the importance of healthy starts for children and the role that we all play in children's lives.

With events like our Big Pinwheel Gardens in Chicago and New York City as well as the dozens of events being held by our chapters throughout the month, we're sure to build up some serious momentum this April.

And what better way to keep that momentum going than by learning and networking at The National Conference for America's Children? You can learn more about how to become a better home visitor with sessions on CHEERS, how to take care of yourself with our sessions on Self-Care for the Caregiver, and how you can help prevent bullying and peer abuse, and much much more!

At the Big Pinwheel event in Times Square, actor Josh Charles told us that "we can be the wind" that moves the pinwheel and makes life better for children and families. Be that wind and recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month now  by looking toward the future - register for The National Conference for America's Children at our Early Bird rate today!

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