Friday, May 18, 2012

Prevent Child Abuse America adds new national board member

Seeks to continue exploring innovative solutions that positively impact the lives of all children and their families


Chicago, IL (May 18, 2012) — Prevent Child Abuse America is pleased to announce that it has added a new member to its national board as it seeks to expand the organization’s ability to innovatively impact the lives of all children, their families and the future of the country.

The new board member is Laura Johnston, who is an Executive in Customer Relationship Management, Cross-Sell and Channel Management at Ally Financial Services in Charlotte, NC and previously served as Director, Online Sales & Service, AdWords North America at Google and as Senior Vice President, Online Channel Management at Bank of America.

“We are really excited about this new addition to the board,” said Dr. Christopher Greeley, Board Chair, Prevent Child Abuse America. “We are always asking what’s next as a board and we are always striving to push ourselves to think 5, 10, even 20 years ahead. To accomplish this, we need bring big thinkers to the table. People who understand that a healthy family remains the focus of a healthy child, that the world is always changing, and that if we are going to have the kind influence as an organization that we want to have we need to change as well.”

“Laura Johnston brings an array of important experiences to the organization,” added James M. Hmurovich, President & CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America, “and as we continue to play a role in implementing the National Movement for America’s Children, she also brings a significant corporate and social media presence to this work at a time when we are seeking to further engage the business community and the world of new media in the healthy growth and development of all children.”


About Prevent Child Abuse America
Prevent Child Abuse America, founded in 1972 in Chicago, works to ensure the healthy development of children nationwide. The organization promotes that vision through a network of chapters in 49 states and over 400 Healthy Families America, home visitation sites in 37 states, the Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada. A major organizational focus is to advocate for the existence of a national policy framework and strategy for children and families while promoting evidence-based practices that prevent abuse and neglect from ever occurring. To learn more about what we’re doing to prevent child abuse and neglect and how you can help, please visit our websites, here and here.  

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