Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dr. Janet Rosenzweig, Vice President for Programs & Research for Prevent Child Abuse America talks "TLC’s Breaking the Silence on child sexual abuse" at philly.com. And our new child sexual abuse prevention infographics too.

So please do take a look at what Dr. Rosenzweig has to say here - and please note that we have posted an excerpt below - as well as our new child sexual abuse prevention infographics here. Also, please let us know what you think about both. Thanks! 

"Having viewed the show, I’m having a half-empty/half full moment.

It was wonderful that the message was repeated throughout the show that “stranger danger” is a dangerous misnomer - we know that the overwhelming majority of sexual abuse occurs with strangers victims know.  This bears repeating again and again. 

The focus in the show on Darkness to Light’s 5 Steps to Protecting our Children is both forward thinking and provided a call to action – offering parents and community members entrusted with the safety of children ideas of how to proceed.  For that I am grateful.

It’s also wonderful that Erin Merryn has emerged as a vocal and credible advocate and put an articulate voice to this issue.  Her courage and tenacity have brought hope to survivors, and shed a bright light on a dark and ugly subject many prefer to ignore.  Her advocacy leading to the passage of "Erin’s Law” in 26 states, teaching children to disclose abuse and educators how recognize it is laudable.
But here’s the rub: it makes a mistake, crucial to prevention work, by teaching children to ask for help only AFTER they have had a bad experience or worse, confusing this with real prevention."

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