Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Healthy Children. A Priority for Everyone.

Meet the Healthy Families American Samoa training group.

American Samoa Training group
American Samoa Training Group 
With your support, the program will continue to expand into communities where our support is needed! 

Healthy Families sites engage pregnant women, families and parents of children from birth to age 5, by helping them tap into community resources that encourage them to develop the skills they need to raise children who are physically, socially and emotional healthy and ready to learn.

Healthy Families is the only home visiting program that has expanded into all five US territories and the flexible design of the program means that every culture can use this model of home visiting to meet the unique needs of their families. 

This can't be done without you!

You donation today will allow families to participate in this valuable program. You can ensure every child has the opportunity for healthy development.

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