Friday, April 4, 2014

Announcing Cordelia Anderson!

Adding to the already-stellar list of workshop speakers at The National Conference for America's Children, we're pleased to announce that Cordelia Anderson will now be leading two sessions!

Cordelia is an author, trainer, consultant, and founder of Sensibilities Prevention Services. She has worked in the field of child development and abuse prevention for nearly four decades and is an expert on topics like sexual abuse prevention, internet and technology safety, and positive youth development.

She will be presenting two sessions at the conference, one titled "Don't Just Stand There, Do Something!" that talks about the idea of engaging bystanders in prevention, and another entitled"Hypersexualization of Children" that will talk about the various influences on young people and their sexuality and what that means in terms of prevention.

You won't want to miss these important and informative sessions from one of the leaders in the field!

Register today for The National Conference for America's Children and secure your spot to see Cordelia Anderson now.

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