Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Train Your Brain!

Come to the 2014 National Conference for 
America's Children!

Building brains is our business! Help us celebrate National Brain Awareness Week by putting infant mental health in the spotlight.

Infant mental health is one focal point of Health Families America and will be featured extensively at The National Conference for America's Children. The conference, taking place in Jacksonville, FL, May 18-21, will feature:
  • A keynote address from renowned researcher Dr. Bruce Perry and a special in-depth breakout session led by Dr. Perry that will provide attendees with a crash course on infant neuro-development! 
  • A chance for five lucky winners to enjoy a VIP lunch with Dr. Perry! Those who register now for our Early Bird Discount will automatically be entered into the drawing!
  • Breakout sessions on the science and practice of infant mental health, led be great innovators in the field such as Dr. Harvey Karp and Dr. Linda Gilkerson!
This week when you post on your social media profiles and blogs, be sure to mention Brain Awareness Week, help us spotlight Healthy Families America and its Infant Mental Health approach, and take your understanding of infant mental health to the next level.

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for The National Conference for America's Children!

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