Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sports. Parental involvement. Self-esteem. Safety. And Dr. Janet Rosenzweig.

We want to share a recent blog post with you in by Dr. Janet Rosenzweig, Prevent Child Abuse America's national consultant on child sexual abuse prevention programs, titled "Create a winning team for safety in youth sports." We are also interested in your thoughts, so please let us know what you think, how you might use this information in your community, and whether you have any questions. Thanks, and please note, that we have pasted a brief excerpt from the post below as well.

"Parental involvement with kids’ sports has always been beneficial to family relationships and children’s self-esteem. Now we’re reminded that child safety is also enhanced by the presence of a parent or other observant adult at practices and games. A convicted pedophile that I interviewed for The Sex-Wise Parent told me that “nothing makes a child less attractive than having his parent around all the time.” Most of us can’t be around all the time, but we can take steps to ensure that there is always one adult with eyes on your child."

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