Monday, December 2, 2013

Prevent Child Abuse America in the news.

We want to share a recent article in the AP with you titled "Assessing Child-Abuse Reports a Complex Challenge," where Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO James M. Hmurovich was quoted talking about the work of child protection workers. You can read the full article here and the quote below. We hope you will take a look. We also hope you will share your thoughts with us about the article and what you think the solutions are. Thanks.

"Child protection workers are very valuable to our country," said Jim Hmurovich, president of the Chicago-based advocacy group Prevent Child Abuse America and former director of Indiana's Division of Family and Children. "They often have to make determinations with limited information, and they care a lot."   

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Mike Jones said...

I was a cop and handled some child abuse cases. Now I am retired. I saw a picture of a little girl beaten to death by her father and I wrote a song, "Daddy Don't Be Angry" It is almost finished and I hope soon everybody will hear this song and I believe her last words, Daddy Please don't be angry when you get home.