Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What do communities, families, and children have in common? You.

With your support, communities can come together.

Because of you, children can have a chance for healthy, happy childhoods.

With your gift, families will thrive.

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Child abuse and neglect can happen anywhere. The good news is that it can be prevented! We can lend a hand to a parent with children on the bus. We can say hello to others in the park. And we can educate each other on how preventing child abuse and neglect can make a difference in our communities.

The Healthy Families America program does just that - help, support and educate! 

This program has reached 95,000 families who are learning to build trust by responding to their child's needs and provide stable, stimulating environments for their children to explore. They are also learning just how important they are to their children which will allow them to create lifelong nurturing relationships.

Without you, these families cannot have these opportunities.

Giving a gift today will allow children to benefit from healthy child development. Your gift will ensure new parents have the opportunity to be the best parent they can be! 



James M. Hmurovich
President & CEO

P.S. By giving a gift today, you will be playing your role in preventing child abuse and neglect!

*Photo courtesy of New Hampshire Children's Trust.

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