Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prevent Child Abuse America in the news. The ACE Study. Healthy child development. And GRAND Magazine.

Prevent Child Abuse America is thrilled to be GRANDpartners for Grandparents with GRAND Magazine and Prevent Child Abuse America, President & CEO, Jim Hmurovich recently had the opportunity to talk with GRAND Magazine's Editorial Director Christine Crosby about the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, empathy, and being a grandparent. To read the full interview please click the following link here, and for an excerpt from the interview please read on below.

GRAND: So you advocate for parenting information. Where would you start with that: In the school system? At what level?

JH: Yes, I absolutely advocate for every agency, faith organization, and even corporations who have employee-assistance programs to somehow see the importance of parenting information.

Where would it start? Wow! We are beginning to understand several things about child abuse and, specifically, about bullying and violence. We’re finding out that some of those responses can be built into parenting as early as infancy. One year old, two years old — they start modeling behavior. One of the things I’ve learned, and I’m still in the process of learning, is that when it comes to bullying, in what we interpret as peer-to-peer abuse, the children don’t have empathy and respect for other children. So, to me, that indicates that starting with preschool, kindergarten, grade school, all the way up through high school, we [need to] build into the curriculum of each subject — not just home economics or whatever the new term is — teaching empathy so children understand it’s their responsibility to respect other children.

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