Monday, October 29, 2012

Prevent Child Abuse America. The Presidential Debates. Missed connections. And The Huffington Post.

We are very excited to see our op-ed "Three Debates. Critical Issues. And Missed Connections" - here - posted today at The Huffington Post. We hope you will not only take a look, but post, and share it, as well. Thanks. Here's a brief excerpt.

"Over the past month, the presidential candidates have engaged in three debates, and the press and political pundits have spent countless hours debating who came out on top. Both candidates engaged in heated attacks regarding their opponent's record on issues ranging from military readiness to how best to encourage economic growth. What was missing from every conversation, however, was the connection between addressing these issues and investing in the one solution that impacts these critical issues and many others: ensuring that every child in America has the opportunity to be raised in a healthy, nurturing, supportive environment."

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