Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prevent Child Abuse America. The deafening silence. And The Huffington Post.

We are very excited to see our op-ed "A Deafening Silence: The Convention, Children, And The Future Of The Country" - here - posted today at The Huffington Post. We hope you will not only take a look, but post, and share it, as well. Thanks. Here's a brief excerpt.

"Over the past two weeks, both major political parties gave their vision for the country's future. What they didn't do was talk about the welfare of all our citizens.

We agree that the sustainability of any nation must include plans to ensure national security and economic stability; but what about the people who benefit from successful implementation of these plans? Where is our plan to "grow our next generation of leaders?" Or, our plan to support the healthy development of all "children, our most precious resource?" Further, where is our plan to promote "the importance of family," when family is otherwise such a popular theme right now?" For those of us who support children and their families, the silence on these issues is deafening."

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