Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It Starts With You.

Prevent Child Abuse America would like to thank you for your ongoing support and contributions to our cause. The beginning of 2012 has been an unpredictable and exciting several months! 

Because of your contributions to our cause, we have been able to implement programs and educate the public about what you, and others in your community, can do to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Recently, our office received a letter from a third grader who held a bake sale at her school to support Prevent Child Abuse America.

This child displayed an incredible amount of support, however there is still much more to be done! We must continue to educate, advocate, and initiate action in our communities to keep the conversation going! It starts with one person.

By providing a donation to Prevent Child Abuse America - here - you will be assisting in the development and implementation of programs to move one step closer to preventing the abuse and neglect of children across the nation.

It starts with one person.  It starts with you.

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