Tuesday, February 21, 2012

National Movement Weekly Update.

National Movement founding partner CLASP has released a new tool intended to support state advocates and policymakers efforts to develop State Early Childhood Agendas - here. It contains a series of key questions that allow users to better understand the conditions of young children, zero to six, in your state. Questions include "Where are children in daycare and early education" and "How is your state thinking of improving the quality of care for young children?" And links to online data sources are provided where available. It is a wonderful tool and we hope you will take a look. We would also like to hear what you think your states and neighborhoods need in terms of an early childhood agenda and what's already being implemented. So please come to the National Movement for America's Children site - here - to share your thoughts with us and other members from your state, and if you're not sure what is happening, or could be, please let us know so we can talk about that as well. Have a great week.

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