Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prevent Child Abuse America's Letter to the Editor in response to The New York Times article "Programs That Tie Funds to Effectiveness Are at Risk" by Annie Lowrey.

We wanted to share the Letter to the Editor we submitted to The New York Times in response to the article "Programs That Tie Funds to Effectiveness Are at Risk" by Annie Lowrey. 

To the Editor,

Annie Lowrey is to be applauded for her article concerning threatened cuts to the federal program that funds evidenced-based home visiting programs such as our signature program Healthy Families America. Home visitation services are a wise investment that balances the importance of early child development and the health, educational and fiscal challenges we face as a nation. Investing early allows us to shape the future and build human capital; investing later chains us to fixing the missed opportunities of the past, for which we pay dearly. Home visitation services deserve the unwavering support of Congress, as an option to reduce the need for more expensive services that are necessary when healthy child development options are not chosen. But there’s even a better reason:  it’s the right thing to do if we would like to be our nation to be competitive and build upon the potential every child has at birth.


James M. Hmurovich, President & CEO
Prevent Child Abuse America

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