Friday, December 16, 2011

National Movement Weekly Update.

As a nation we speak about how much we value children and how the future greatness of the country is inherently connected to the healthy development of all children. Further, research has consistently shown that most of us, upwards to 90% of the public, believe that child abuse and neglect is a serious issue. Yet, according to (fellow National Movement for America's Children founding partner) Voices for America's Children (and The Child and Family Policy Center), “children’s issues (have) commanded scarcely two percent of the attention in the first 10 presidential candidate debates to date and less of that in total discussion and debate time.” It is time that we as a nation, and as a Movement, demand that the candidates, the media and citizens everywhere focus on children’s issues, and how the country will ensure that the healthy development of all children is prioritized going forward. Please join us in seeking to change this conversation and please share your thoughts with us on how we can do so at the National Movement for America’s Children website.   

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