Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prevent Child Abuse America Legislative Alert!

Please Call Your U.S. Senators Today 

We’re 1 week away from the November 23rd deadline for Congress’s deficit reduction “super committee” to make decisions about how to reduce the deficit by $1.2 trillion over 10 years. 

This is our last chance to get the message to Congress that they must take balanced approach that includes meaningful revenue increases and recognizes the long term cost savings associated with investing in healthy childhood development. Home visiting, community-based child abuse prevention services, job training, child care, maternal and child health services, and nutrition programs are just a few of the services that could be cut if Congress does not take a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. 

These are the very programs that set the foundation for healthy child development and help prevent child abuse and neglect. Any short-term budgetary gain made by cutting these programs will be dwarfed by long-term health, child welfare, special education, law enforcement costs that our nation incurs when we fail to promote healthy childhood development and prevent child abuse and neglect. 

Call Your U.S. Senators Today at 888-907-1485* 

Use this toll free number 888-907-1485 and follow the instructions to be connected to your Senator’s office. Please call twice so that you can reach both of your Senators. Message to Senators: Tell the Deficit Reduction Committee to reject cuts to essential services for children and families and to insist on a plan that includes substantial revenue increases. 

*Thank you to AFSCME for providing the toll free number. 

Any questions about this Legislative Update can be directed to Bridget Gavaghan at 312-663-3520, ext. 819 or at

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