Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Please participate in the SAVE for All campaign media day today.

As you might know, today, November 1st is the second public hearing being held by the Congressional “super committee” for deficit reduction and the SAVE for All campaign which was founded by the Coalition on Human Needs - find out more here - and which Prevent Child Abuse America supports and has signed on to, is trying to make sure that the upcoming deadlines for the “super committee” are on people’s minds, particularly since the committee must agree on recommendations by November 23rd. Instead of doing a call-in day or another email campaign, the Coalition has decided to start a conversation using social media and the hashtag #SAVE4All. Most people will be using Twitter but some will be posting on Facebook and others will be blogging and commenting on online news sources. So, please participate in the social media day of action today by either tweeting with the Coalition - you can visit the Coalition's Twitter feed here - using #SAVE4All, updating your Facebook status, blogging or commenting on online media sources.

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