Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The countdown begins!

It's exactly one month until House Party Weekend, October 14-16, learn more here, where supporters across the nation will hold parties to raise awareness and funds for healthy child development. What does this mean? It means you have one month to organize your party, here, finalize your guest list, and send out the invitations. You have one month to decide to join this unique celebration.

The same goes for us, here at Prevent Child Abuse America. And we're getting the party started a little early. As a national organization with supporters across the country, we're holding a virtual house party, learn more here, that anyone can attend. If you aren't throwing your own party, stop by ours. Please bring your friends, family and neighbors as well! Come one, come all.

We're sending out official invites next week. But for now, this is just a quick reminder. Remember, every child deserves equal opportunities for healthy growth and development. Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote a healthy future for all children every single day. We'd like to celebrate the fact that prevention is possible and that innovative prevention programming like home visiting is happening in communities everywhere. Help us celebrate by hosting a party, or joining ours, here.  

Thank you for supporting the work we do. Thank you for helping to make children a national priority.

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Natalie said...

This event is so important! I was abused as a child, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexally. By my father and it made life so hard. With no one to talk to and being a child I buried it deep inside. Children as well as adults need to know the signs and how to reach out for help! Stop the Abuse now!