Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help us serve families better!

Healthy Families America, our signature prevention program, provides a healthy start for families and their children from the prenatal period to the early years of life. As a federally recognized program, Healthy Families America is expanding faster than ever into communities nationwide. In order to provide families with the best services possible, we need your help. Through our Causes page we are asking you to help us raise $2,500 by Labor Day Weekend to keep our staff well-trained, well-informed, and ready to accommodate the needs of families seeking services. We believe we all have a responsibility for the children in our country and therefore, our country’s future. With the support of this caring community, we can ensure families have access to the support they need to provide children with nurturing care essential to leading a healthy and productive life. So, please do visit our Causes page here, and please consider re-posting this message on your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter streams.

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