Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have you joined the Movement for America’s Children?

Sign the pledge and help us shape a national children’s strategy.

Thousands of Americans have already joined the Movement for America’s Children here, but we need every American to join the Movement! Have you signed the pledge? The pledge calls for citizens, businesses, government, faith leaders and communities across the country to join together in developing and delivering a national strategy to provide every child an opportunity for healthy growth and development.

Prevent Child Abuse America is a founding partner in the Movement, along with more than a dozen other child advocacy organizations. Together we are collecting the input of everyone with an interest in healthy child development so we can launch a true national strategy that reflects the entire nation’s hopes for our children. Check out Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO Jim Hmurovich's column in Advertising Age here, which outlines this innovative approach to developing a national policy and action plan.

Sign the Pledge here and then join the discussion here about the policies, actions and innovative ideas that will be included the national strategy. We all benefit from the healthy development of our children, so we all should have a voice in the strategy to provide that healthy development.

Click here to sign the pledge today!

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Anonymous said...

Where are all the comments!? Come on people! You have a voice...USE IT! What do you think needs to be done to help the kids of America?