Friday, June 10, 2011

Prevent Child Abuse America in West Virginia.

Jim McKay, PCA West Virginia; Ben Tanzer and Bryan Specht

Prevent Child Abuse America National Board Member Bryan Specht and Senior Director of Strategic Communications Ben Tanzer had the opportunity to both speak at the Leadership Institute on Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect in Charleston, West Virginia this week, as well as, speak to Dan Heyman from Public News Service - West Virginia about healthy child development and preventing child abuse and neglect.

"America spends $104 billion a year on child abuse and neglect cases, Specht says, adding that the nation could save that money by continuing to prevent many of these cases - and doing so would be beneficial in other ways as well. 'The science is really saying to us, 'This is the right thing to do, for the capacity of our children to learn, for our economy - the kind of society that we could live in, if we provided that healthy opportunity to every child.'"

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