Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Nonprofit strives to prevent child abuse and help families flourish." Nice piece on Healthy Families America in The Kansas City Star.

We wanted to let you know that The Kansas City Star has done a nice piece on Healthy Families America and we hope you will take a look. We also wanted to share a brief excerpt below.

"Workers with a nonprofit program called Healthy Families America are active on both sides of the state line and nationwide. They charge nothing to help parents and babies prosper for three years.

The national group started 17 years ago with the idea that "if parents do well, children do well," said Tracie Lansing, policy director for Healthy Families in Lenexa. When families do well, it helps reduce child abuse and infant mortality, she said.

A big part of Healthy Families' work is helping people fight stress to ward off child maltreatment, Lansing said.

"If I wake up with a flat tire and my lights have been shut off and I've had a fight with my boyfriend and my baby is crying, I'm more likely to lash out at my baby," she said."

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