Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tune in today!

Tune in today to the inaugural Tel-e-thon for America’s Children brought you by Prevent Child Abuse America. Join us from 12:00pm CT today, April 26, to 6:00pm CT tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27, as we engage in a discussion on the importance of healthy child development and child abuse prevention, enjoy interviews with a wide range of people and hopefully raise additional funds to support this work nationwide.

Learn about the growing national movement for America's children and how you can play a role. Hear from leading experts in the field like Dr. Robert Anda, co-author of the ground-breaking Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, and how the entertainment industry can make a difference with James Gray, director of films such as "Two Lovers" and "We Own the Night," and documentarian and survivor Alexandra Dickson Gray. Enjoy interviews with Prevent Child Abuse America President and CEO James M. Hmurovich and Board Chair Christopher Greeley. Discuss how social media can impact real-world charities with Susan Gordon from Causes and Christa Laukevicz and Evan Kalish, founders of the Society Against Child Abuse cause. And so much more!

We want to thank Causes for hyping the Tel-e-thon on their blog. And we'll see you soon. Be sure to tune-in, join the conversation and tell your friends!

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