Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karma love for Prevent Child Abuse America... Three million times over!

Thanks to many of you, Prevent Child Abuse America has now benefited from the donation of more than three million karmas on the CauseWorld mobile phone application. Each karma has a real world value of one cent, meaning Prevent Child Abuse America has now earned more than $30,000 to date!

Keep the love going! Download the CauseWorld application to your iPhone or droid mobile phone, or keep using the application when you're out and about, and be sure to log in. Again, to use the application is simple:

1) You walk into a store, pull out your phone, and check-in. No purchase required. 2) By checking-in, you earn points (“karmas”) from CauseWorld sponsors. 3) You then donate those points for specific actions to improve the world. For Prevent Child Abuse America, you can help prevent child abuse in America!

And if you’re not into mobile phone apps, that’s cool, too. Keep checking back for new ways to show your support, and be sure to keep inviting your friends to join the Cause. Every person we add is another step toward preventing the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

Thanks for your support!

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