Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a quick message from Evan and Christa, co-founders of the Society Against Child Abuse regarding the One Percent to Prevent Challenge.

We (Evan and Christa) want to take some time and thank you for all of your hard work within the Society Against Child Abuse Cause, especially during this month. We want to live in a world where life, trust, prosperity, health as well as other concepts are taken more seriously. However, the acts of child abuse that occur everyday completely undermine this world. So we want to talk to you about something important. As some of you may know, we started this Cause about five years ago in hopes to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect prevention.

Over these last five years, it has been a joy to watch not only the Cause grow in numbers but also in personality and strength. When we first started the Cause, we never dreamed that it would grow to be as strong as it is now. We started off inviting our friends and family, and before we knew it, we were more than 3 million strong and growing every day. With starting this Cause, we became part of the 1% who are advocating for child abuse prevention. We are both truly honored to be a part of that 1% who are standing up for children and families, and you can be too!!

Our challenge to you is that you become part of the 1% who stand up for children and families. How? It's simple. All we are asking of you is to invite five people -- they can be friends, family, co-workers – to join the Cause. OR you can donate to our Cause. Every little bit helps.

By joining us in the One Percent to Prevent Challenge, you too can show your support for a great cause, and there is nothing better than standing up for what you believe in. Getting prevention right early is less costly to society and to individuals, than trying to fix things later. Join us today!

Sincerely, SACA Co-Founders Evan Kalish and Christa Laukevicz

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