Friday, December 18, 2009

Children - Our collective future. A letter from Dr. Chris Greeley, Chair, Prevent Child Abuse America Board of Directors.

As a Pediatrician and the incoming Chair of the National Board at Prevent Child Abuse America, I am excited to talk to you about why I think no issue is more important to our collective future than the health and well-being of our nation's children. The abuse or neglect of a child not only prevents the normal development of the child, but scars families and degrades society as a whole.

From the national financial costs of over $103 billion per year, to the lost educational potential of the child, to increased community violent crime and families affected by lost work potential, our country is substantially impacted by the abuse and neglect which is not prevented.

While the tough economic times have put a strain on our financial situation, Prevent Child Abuse America continues to work hard for all children to have an equal opportunity to realize their fullest potential and to ensure their healthy growth and development.

You can help us make a difference; you can learn more about our work, you can join your state's Prevent Child Abuse America chapter, you can sign-up for advocacy alerts, you can contact your representatives and ask how they are supporting the children of your state, you and your neighbors can volunteer your time on behalf of the children in your community, and you can knock on your neighbor's door and offer a small favor - babysitting, cooking a meal, helping them be the best parent they can be. No task is too small.

But most importantly, during these uniquely challenging economic times, when many people across the country are struggling with their finances, you can make a donation to help us continue to fulfill this critical mission for our nation's children.

Join us in this movement as it continues to grow. No issue is more important for our children today and for our collective tomorrow. Your support is more critical today than ever.

I thank you for your support, and wish you a joyous holidays and peace in the New Year.

Chris Greeley, Chair, Prevent Child Abuse America Board of Directors

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