Monday, August 3, 2009

The 2010 Prevent Child Abuse America national conference. A new logo and the call for proposals.

We have a new logo for the 2010 Prevent Child Abuse America national conference - see above - and we have officially posted the call for proposals which you can find here. We hope you will submit something and we hope to see you there.

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Anonymous said...

Prevention is all about parenting. Here are five inescapable truths.

1. The quality of any community has much to do with the quality of the parenting happening in the homes within the community.
2. Generally speaking, children raised by parents who engage in best parenting behaviors and practices become responsible, caring, competent citizens.
3. Similarly, children raised by abusive and/or neglectful parents or parents who just have poor parenting skills become emotionally crippled and sometimes dangerous citizens.
4. Parenting behaviors and practices, both good and bad, are frequently passed from one generation to the next.
5. It is very difficult to identify, round up, and "repair" parents who engage in poor or criminal parenting behaviors. There are numerous psychological, practical, and logistical obstacles and roadblocks that hinder and often prevent the "repair" of broken parents.

If we want to change the way we think about prevention we must change the way we think about parenting education. Young people, kids, need to be the audience and the education should take the form of both free and paid, permanent yet evolving, public service messages on radio, television, billboards, print, products, and the internet designed to teach young people how to engage in parenting behaviors and practices generally recognized as supporting the healthy physical, emotional, and intellectual development of children, and reject parenting behaviors and practices generally recognized as disrupting the healthy development of children