Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prevent Child Abuse America wants to thank POV for being given the chance to write a response to their new documentary Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go.

Prevent Child Abuse America was given the opportunity to write a response to the new POV documentary Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go. We want to thank POV for this opportunity and we hope you will take a moment to read our essay. In then interim though, please find an excerpt below.

"When we watch the profoundly moving documentary Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go a key issue we need to recognize is that when all children don't have equal opportunity for growth and development we put our future as a society at risk.

Fortunately, in watching the children and staff at the Mulberry Bush School we are reminded that we know how to do better because focusing on innovative programming that lay the foundation for children's later growth and development reduces the possibility of more serious problems from occurring later on.

The fact is, when we invest in healthy child development, we are investing in community and economic development. Unfortunately, children are sometimes exposed to extreme and sustained stress like child abuse and neglect, which can undermine a child's development. This toxic stress damages the developing brain and adversely affects an individual's learning and behavior, as well as increases susceptibility to physical and mental illness."

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