Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Ways to Engage With Prevent Child Abuse America through Social Media.

We understand the continued importance of social media when striving to present our message to a variety of constituents. In an effort to increase awareness, we are currently using a variety of social media outlets to compliment the ongoing evolution of our website. To help you navigate these various outlets we have a compiled a list of 10 Ways to Engage with Prevent Child Abuse America through social media.

1. Become a fan of our Facebook page.

2. Join our Facebook Cause.

3. Send a pinwheel Superpoke! on Facebook.

(1) Search for Superpoke! via the search tool in the upper right corner of your Facebook page; (2) Click on the "Causes" tab; (3) Click on our pinwheel-themed poke; (4) Choose who you want to send it to from your address book at the bottom of the page; (5) Hit send. As the sender, you will receive a confirmation page with further information on the organization, ways to poke others and links to our Pinwheels for Prevention website.

4. Sign-up for our newsletter. There is a spot at the top of our website that says "Interested in our newsletter."

5. Sign-up for our by visiting our website and clicking on Advocacy on the left side of our homepage.

6. Visit our blog, which you have, thanks, but please also consider setting-up (a) an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed of the blog through a blog reader like those at Google or Bloglines or (b) an e-mail feed such as those through Feed My Inbox so whenever the blog is updated you will receive the blog entry in an e-mail.

7. Follow us on Twitter.

8. Visit out YouTube channel.

9. Add a signature line to your e-mails about Prevent Child Abuse America or Pinwheels for Prevention.

For example: Learn more. Lend Your Voice. Volunteer. Donate. Join us in creating a national movement around healthy child development and the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Visit us at

10. Join the movement at Pinwheels for Prevention.

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