Friday, January 16, 2009

Urge Congress to Include Prevention in the Economic Recovery Bill. Take Action Now.

Prevent Child Abuse America is urging Congress and the incoming Obama Administration to include increases to child abuse prevention funding in the economic recovery package they are developing. We believe that:

1. Funding cost effective child abuse and neglect prevention strategies would have profound immediate and long-term effects on our nation’s economy; and

2. While always important, a focus on prevention is even more critical when families are experiencing the stresses of unemployment and economic hardship.

Take Action

We need your help to make sure that child abuse prevention is included in this package. Please contact your Members of Congress TODAY and ask them to include the following provisions in the economic recovery package:

1. $100 million increase to the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act community-based grants (CBCAP). CBCAP grants help states develop and implement effective approaches to preventing child abuse and neglect. Increased funding will provide additional support to implement evidence-based prevention strategies such as parenting education, home visiting programs, mutual self-help support groups for parents, and crisis nurseries.

2. Fully fund the Promoting Safe and Stable Families discretionary grant at $200 million. Increased funding to PSSF will promote the expansion of family support services in communities across the nation and provide more intensive help for families in crisis.

3. Provide a $1.1 billion increase to the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG). SSBG’s built-in flexibility enables states to address a range of needs that families experience during periods of economic instability and upheaval.

Take Action Now. Contact your Senators and Representative today!

And for information or assistance please do no hesitate to contact Bridget Gavaghan, Senior Director of Public Policy at

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