Friday, December 12, 2008

A very cool Obama-Biden transition team thing - Your Seat at The Table.

Prevent Child Abuse America was thrilled during the last week to have been invited to meet with the Obama-Biden transition team and talk about early learning, child development and the prevention of child abuse and neglect. We were also thrilled to be invited to submit a policy brief on our positions and recommendations to the team, which we will be doing shortly. If all of this wasn't cool enough though, a very cool thing about this process that we wanted to share with you, are the transition team's efforts to keep the process transparent and open to the public. With this in mind, the transition team is posting all of the policy papers it receives to a website called Your Seat at The Table, and we invite you to visit the site to not only get a look at PCA America's policy paper once it is posted, but all of the interesting policy papers that are emerging during this process.

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