Monday, June 30, 2008

Prevent Child Abuse America Podcast, Episode Nine - The 2008 Prevent Child Abuse America national conference Future of Child Abuse Prevention plenary.

At the 2008 Prevent Child Abuse America national conference we held a fantastic plenary titled "The Future of Child Abuse Prevention." The moderators were Dr. Deborah Daro from the Chapin Hall Center for Children and Dr. Anne Cohn Donnelly from the Kellogg School of Management. The panelists represented a wide-ranging set of specialties and included Dr. Robert F. Anda, Co-Principal Investigator, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE Study), Dr. Phaedra Corso, University of Georgia College of Public Health, Linda Gorchels, UW-Madison School of Business, Rutledge Q. Hutson, Center for Law and Social Policy and Bryan Specht, Dig Communications. The conversation was really exciting and if you are interested in listening to it we have created the the below podcast. We have also included the "Did You Know 2.0" video referenced during the plenary and we hope you enjoy it.

FuturistPanel(May2008) - Prevent Child Abuse America

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