Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rose's New Shoes - A Story About Bullying.

We wanted to let you know about a new children's book we have developed in collaboration with our publishing partner Channing-Bete. The name of the book is Rose's New Shoes and it is about bullying. For a brief description please read on and for more information about how your organization or one you work with can order the book please go here.

"In this charming story, Rose goes to school happy because she has shiny-new red shoes. But seeing Carlos, a classmate, being bullied leaves her feeling scared and conflicted. She's afraid of the bullies, but she's also sad that she didn't help Carlos.

Later, her dad helps her see that there are lots of things that everyone - especially victims and bystanders like herself - can do to help stop bullying. The next day there's a happy ending when Rose enlists her friend Becca's help in reporting the bullies to a teacher and the girls befriend Carlos."

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