Monday, February 25, 2008

Connecting the Dots…Turning Knowledge into Action. Prevent Child Abuse America’s 2008 National Conference. May 19-22, 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How do we turn knowledge into action? And how do we take the prevention of child abuse and neglect out of the realm of theory and transform it into a new way of thinking?

We do this by understanding the solutions and the evidence that support these solutions. We learn how to reframe the issue and engage the wider public in a discussion about their role in prevention. We educate ourselves on the policies that can make a difference and how we can support them. We ensure that we stay curious and open to learning everything we can about our work. We also try to stay fresh and recharge whenever and however we can.

Simply speaking, we connect the dots by spending time appreciating the full impact of the actions we take every day. We are all trying to build the kind of the world we want to live in and it starts here, and now, come join us at our 2008 national conference from May 19-22 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and start connecting the dots for yourself.

For more information please visit our website here and to see what's happening at the conference blog please go here.

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